Access to the databases

The accessibility of this documentary and photographic collection via the internet allows the online consultation and searching in six languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Modern Greek) of ca. 50'000 items with ancient iconography.

For copyright reasons the access to the images is restricted to images from institutions which have given permission for inclusion in this database.

The copyright of the images in the database remains with the owner of the objects, not with the University of Basel. The re-use of the images provided here for any purpose is illegal and only allowed with the permission of the respective copyright holder.

■  LIMC is focused mainly on metadata and permits detailed and complex enquiries.

■  Iconiclimc gives direct access to the pictures and related metadata.

Related LIMC-Databases

■  LIMC-France  gives access to the database of the French Team of the LIMC.

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