Important Notice:

There will be no Latin Summer School at the Department of Ancient Civilizations in 2022.

Latin Summer School at the University of Basel

The University of Basel has been offering a Latin Summer School for students to acquire the Latinum since 2007.

The targeted participants of the course are:

  • Students at the University of Basel who require the Latinum for their Bachelor's or Master's degree, as well as all other students at the University of Basel who want to take advantage of an intensive course to time-efficiently complement their studies and acquire an additional qualification
  • Students already enrolled at another university
  • interested parties not (yet) enrolled at the University of Basel, who wish to acquire the necessary knowledge of Latin before starting their studies at the University of Basel or at another university
  • All other interested students who would like to acquire the Latin proficiency certificate

In terms of language level, author selection and knowledge of Roman culture, the Latin Summer School is the equivalent of the Latin Matura at the Swiss Gymnasium and is fully recognized as a Latinum.

The summer school runs for ten weeks (classes on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings - presumably with an accompanying tutorial in the afternoon). Lessons are complemented by a cultural program. Classes are held exclusively online via Zoom.

The course consists of a language learning phase and a reading phase (Ovid, Cicero). Thanks to the intensive and individual learning support in a small group, the challenging learning objectives can be achieved with regular course attendance. The Latinum electronicum is available as a practice resource.

The course ends with the (written and oral) examination on August 27, 2021. For the oral examination, participants must be available from 6 to 10 September 2021 (week 36). The examiners are university and/or high school Latin lecturers.

Validation of the course with 12 credits (ETCS) - as a free elective, analogous to the Latin Annual Course - is possible for those successful graduates who study at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Basel in the following semester.

As a special offer during the lecture-free period and outside the regular teaching program (Latin Annual Course), the course is subject to fees. The course fees (calculated without course material and cultural program) are Fr. 1'250.-.

The number of participants is limited. The course will be held if there are a minimum of 10 registrations. Detailed conditions of participation can be found on the registration form below.

For any questions regarding the content of the course, please contact Ms. Alessandra Geiger. For administrative questions please contact Alda Wegmann.

Basel, April 2021

Latin Representative of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Lecturer of the Latin Summer School

Subject area secretary