28 mar 2023
18:15  - 20:00

Rosshofgasse (Schnitz), Seminarraum S 01

Fachbereich Alte Geschichte, Sabine Huebner

Events, Public event, Guest lecture / Talk, Colloquium

The Falerii Novi Project: Multi-method exploration of a Roman(?) city in central Italy

Vortrag von Emlyn Dodd (BSR Rome) im Rahmen des Kolloquiums «Zur neueren Forschung in der Alten Geschichte» im FS 2023.

Located 50km north of Rome, the city of Falerii Novi lies buried beneath agricultural fields and olive groves with monumental circuit walls still largely standing. Situated directly on the Roman Via Amerina and reportedly founded after the destruction of the nearby Faliscan settlement of Falerii Veteres in 241 BC, it has seen remarkably little modern occupation. Archaeological survey using a variety of methods, including magnetometry and ground-penetrating radar, over the past 30 years has revealed a detailed map of buried structures and created a comprehensive survey dataset. A campaign of new excavations and specialist analyses have started to reveal exciting information of a different granularity. The Falerii Novi Project, led by the British School at Rome and the universities of Harvard and Toronto, and supported by the universities of Florence and Ghent, is undertaking the first modern, multidisciplinary scientific excavation of this urban site. The project hopes to interrogate chronologies of urban development at a crucial point of mid-Republican Roman expansion, as well as the site’s unclear abandonment process, and explores themes of intercultural fusion, migration, and daily commercial and domestic life. This lecture will provide an overview of historical data from the site alongside that from a preliminary season of test excavations in 2021, large-scale open area excavations across three intramural zones in 2022, and continued geophysical survey and environmental analysis.

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