27 sep 2019
09:00  - 18:00

Kollegienhaus, Fakultätenzimmer 112, Basel

Fachbereich Alte Geschichte

Events, Public event, Congress / Conference / Symposium

Studying Graeco-Roman Egypt: New Approaches in a New Generation III

Research Showcase




9:30Clementina Caputo (Heidelberg): "An Introduction to the Praxeology of
Writing on Ostraca"
10:00Tea Ghigo (Hamburg/Rome): "Archaeometric Study of Inks from Coptic
10:30Hannah Ringheim (Edinburgh): "Trade Networks and Landscape: Qarah
el-Hamra in the Fayum"
11:00Coffee Break
11:30Susan Fogarty (Geneva): "The Grammateus Project: Digitizing the
Architecture of Greek Documentary Papyri"
12:30Miriam Blanco (Bologna): "Rethinking Greco-Egyptian Alchemy"
14:30Anna Monte (Berlin): "'Seeing' in a Land of Sand and Sun: Eye Problems
in Egypt Through the Lenses of Greek Papyri"
15:00Frederic Kruger (Berlin): "The Lost Monasteries of Hermonthis: Rediscovered
in Coptic Ostraca of the Byzantine Period"
15:30Coffee Break
16:00Stefania Alfarano (Salento): "Archaeology of the Convivium: Dining Rooms in
Late Antique Egypt"
16:30Jeremy Simmons (New York/Rome): "Bridging the Seas: The Egyptian Connection in
Ancient Indian Ocean Commerce"
17:00Final Discussion

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