Student association of Ancient History

In the study of Ancient Civilizations, Ancient History forms one of seven subjects offered. Also, Ancient History is the earliest of the four time periods covered in the study of history. This represents the wide range of courses offered each semester, open to all who are interested.

As a student association, we are available as a resource to all undergraduate students of Ancient Civilizations, all students of Ancient History, and those interested in majoring in history.

Questions about your studies? Concerns about the course offerings? Suggestions for events in the field of Ancient History (film evenings, museum visits, FG cooperations ...)?

Newsletter-interested people are also welcome to contact us with their name and e-mail address.

The fastest way to reach us is by mail:

Flavio Zumsteg (Co-President)
Elena Kasper (Co-President & Communications)
Moritz Oser (Treasurer)
Gregorio Aostalli (Tutorat Ancient History)
Bernhard Krieter (Tutorat Ancient History)

Former board members:
Victoria G. D. Landau (2017-2022: Presidium & Communications)
Tamara Westphal (2018-2020: Treasurer, FG Liaison)
Salome Ruf (-2019: Vice Presidium, Treasurer, Events)

Upcoming Events this semester