The subject areas of Egyptology, Classical Archaeology, Greek Studies, Latin Studies, Historical-Comparative Linguistics, Ancient History and European Archaeology represented in the Department of Ancient Civilizations offer a structured doctoral program oriented towards the successful completion of its members' doctoral studies. The Doctoral Program of the Department of Ancient Civilizations (DBAW) provides an institutional framework for doctoral projects of widely varying scope, which are conducted in one of the participating subject areas.

The combination of in-depth subject-specific courses with interdisciplinary courses in Ancient Civilizations ensures doctoral students optimal academic qualification and advancement. Disciplinary offers are geared towards integrating doctoral students into the current research of their respective subject and towards imparting innovative research methods. Interdisciplinary courses are dedicated to cultural research of antiquity, are oriented towards methodology and theory, and include sociological research questions (e.g. hegemony, ethnicity, religion, gender, economy, migration) or issues of cultural and art studies (e.g. image-text relations, iconography, aesthetics).

Doctoral Subjects

Six subject areas of the Department of Ancient Civilizations offer a doctoral subject and permit doctoral candidates to apply for admission to the Doctoral Program in Ancient Civilizations.

Doctoral Program

The doctoral program offers the optimal conditions for academic qualification and scientific advancement because it provides both subject-specific and interdisciplinary courses, drawn from fields such as sociology, anthropology, and art history, among others.