Two languages, three countries, three universities - TMA

Do ancient cultures interest you? Are you looking for a high level, international, science-oriented programme? The CBR offers the opportunity to be part of the Trinational Master Degree Programme (TMA) thanks to the collaboration of the universities of Basel, Freiburg im Breisgau and Strasbourg.

The Trinational Master is an interdisciplinary, bilingual academic programme (4 semesters/2 years) taking place in four universities in three countries. In particular, two aspects distinguish the TMA from other ancient studies master's programs:

1. A comprehensive and specialized Classical & Ancient Studies programme

  • this programme focuses on the entire spectrum of Classical & Ancient Studies: Oriental Archaeology, Egyptology, Greek and Roman history, old-oriental languages as well as Greek and Roman literature & philology, comparative indo-European linguistics, embracing prehistory, proto-history, classical archaeology as well as the archaeology of the Roman Empire up to Christian archaeology.
  • The TMA thus imparts a broad knowledge of various fields of ancient studies and overcomes the (artificial) boundaries between archaeological, historical, and linguistic-literary perspectives on the ancient world.
  • However, any high-quality education also requires specialized knowledge; therefore, about half of the course credits have to be obtained in one main field of the themes on offer.

2 Internationality

  • The TMA is a trinational Master's program. Its range of courses includes all Classical & Ancient Studies courses from the universities of Basel, Freiburg im Breisgau, Mulhouse and Strasbourg. No other university region - while supporting travel between study locations and communication - can offer this degree of diversity in the range of courses on offer.
  • The TMA offers students the opportunity to get to know different research traditions with French, German and Swiss classical studies at the same time - and last but not least, they acquire proof of their active German-French bilingualism and internationality.

If you have successfully completed your first degree in (one of) the fields of Classical Studies (Classical Philology, Archaeology, Ancient History), if you have good language skills in French and German as well as knowledge of an ancient language (Greek, Latin), then apply for the Trinational Master in Classical & Ancient Studies!

You will choose at least two different-language universities for your studies. Application and registration is done through the participating university where you want to start your studies. Applications must be received at the respective university by June 15 of the year in which you want to start the studies.

More information:
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