08 Apr 2024
18:15  - 19:45

Seminarraum S02, Rosshofgasse (Schnitz)


Events, Public event, Guest lecture / Talk, Colloquium

The (great) potential and limitations of an interdisciplinary approach to historical epidemiology, ca. 1800 to the present day

Vortrag von PD Dr. phil. Kaspar Staub (Universität Zürich) im Rahmen des Forschungskolloquiums IPNA/UFG/PRA („Kränzli“), FS 2024.

The lecture looks at the history of health since 1800 from different perspectives and sheds light on how disease and health have changed over the last 200 years. A bridge is built between the past and the present. Access to infectious diseases and other health topics now and then is rather quantitative. The lecture also shows the value of digitising archive data and the possibilities and limitations of analysing such data, especially when embedded in an interdisciplinary setting.

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