Hannes Flück (2015)

On the arterial road to Augusta Raurica - Evaluation of a craftsmen's quarter in the civilian settlement west of the legionary camp of Vindonissa

The basis of the dissertation project are the excavations Vison Mitte in Brugg from 2006-2009. The evaluation concentrates on the strip house development along the arterial road from the legionary camp to Augusta Raurica.

The following questions are in the foreground:

  • Evaluation of the findings of the overbuilding as well as the findings relevant for the determination of the function. Phasing of the overbuilding in the individual plots. Determination of the use of the individual plots in relation to crafts. Overarching evaluation regarding the beginning of the settlement, the time of fossilization as well as the end of the settlement.

  • Overarching questions regarding the relationship of the evaluated craft quarter to the legionary camp of Vindonissa - is it part of the canabae or part of the vicus? Comparison of the craftsmen's quarter as far as possible with other quarters of the civilian settlement of Vindonissa.

  • Furthermore, the result should be integrated into the research on the vicus/canabae of legionary camps of the northwestern provinces of the Roman Empire.

  • The investigations will be supplemented by cooperation with neighboring disciplines in the natural sciences and humanities (archaeobotany, archaeozoology, numismatics, classical archaeology).

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