Rahel C. Ackermann

Archaeological and numismatic investigations on the mint in Haldenstein Castle GR

In the years 1985-1988, the Archaeological Service of the Canton of Grisons carried out archaeological and architectural investigations in Haldenstein Castle. In the course of these investigations, the mint of the Haldenstein dominion was discovered in three rooms on the first floor. This extraordinary discovery - it is the only official mint in Switzerland that has been archaeologically recorded with find material - is to be archaeologically and numismatically evaluated within the framework of this work. For this purpose, the approx. 150-year coinage of the dominion of Haldenstein has to be processed on the basis of written sources and a stamp catalog; the last attempt of such a catalog dates back to the end of the 19th century. The technical side of the Haldenstein minting activity will be discussed by comparing coins, preserved dies and factory waste. In addition, individual production steps are to be reconstructed in experiments. Furthermore, the circulation area of the Haldenstein minting will be summarized. Finally, the Haldenstein minting activity will be embedded in the - unresearched - Graub√ľnden coinage history and compared with that of similar small coinage dominions.

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