Daniele Furlan

The interaction of infantry, cavalry and chariots in Neo-Assyrian war tactics.

Warfare was one of the phenomena in the ancient Near East that tested the strength and legitimacy of a great king. Especially in the Neo-Assyrian period, great importance was attached to the success of warfare, as the numerous descriptions of battle and warfare on the Neo-Assyrian relief cycles and in the annals show. Nevertheless, warfare was also conditioned by quite mundane factors, including the internal and external security of the country and the acquisition of wealth for the people.

The progressive expansion of the country through new conquests and the resulting new internal and external power relations always led to the search for solutions to satisfy the needs of the country. On the military level, entirely new army divisions and tactics emerged, which contributed to the development or realization of new strategies. The aim of my dissertation is to study and describe this tactical development.

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