Simeon Tzonev

The Political Representation of the Ptolemies. Monarchical Legitimation and Reception of Rule in the Multiethnic and Polycentric Society of Hellenistic Egypt (working title).

For the first time, this work will provide a detailed overview of the various political monumental genres of the Ptolemies, thus enabling an overarching evaluation of the methods of rule in a multi-layered and complex social situation, based not only on the written tradition, but starting from the historical-archaeological evidence. In a first step, the various groups of monuments (coins, representations of rulers, testimonies of court art, royal (temple) buildings, testimonies of the ruler's cult, etc.) will be systematically collected and their specifics evaluated in order to then, in a second step, put them in relation to the target group of the monuments and thus investigate the methods as well as the messages of Ptolemaic ruler communication.

Based on a socio-cultural and group-specific evaluation of the Ptolemaic monuments and taking into account modern approaches in political and sociological research, the project thus aims to offer a broader and better insight into the establishment of the Hellenistic monarchy and, at the same time, into the organization of the coexistence of a diverse society at the interface between Orient and Occident.

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