Student association of Egyptology

The Egyptology Department welcomes all interested students! Our board is always available for questions and concerns about the study. At the same time we keep you up to date via our newsletter and our email distribution list.

Once a semester we also organize a student general meeting, where we exchange ideas with the students, get feedback and announce news. In addition, we strive to strengthen the cohesion among students, and therefore we regularly organize casual and entertaining events.

Do you have a request for the student association?
Then write to us:

Students in the Archaeology and Natural Sciences Master's program are represented by Jessica Izak (

All minutes of the student plenary meetings as well as other useful documents can be found on our ADAM-Workspace:
ADAM-Workspace of the FG Egyptology.

We are looking forward to seeing you,
Danja Zimmermann (President)
Alina Zalunardo (Vice President)
Daria Kwiatkowski (Communication)
Evelyne Marty (Treasurer)
Seher Parlak (Events)
Steven Joggi (Material Procurement)