Licentiate theses

Simone Kiefer: The phenomenon of fragmentation of pottery using the example of Late Bronze Age and Hallstatt sites from Switzerland and southern Germany (2012).

Martin Allemann: The Late Antique brick kilns at Kaiseraugst-Liebrütti (AG) (2012).

Tschudin, Corinne: Late Medieval kiln pottery from the site of the Schürhof on the Basel Münsterhügel (2012).

Bärlocher, Jakob: Early Imperial Period graves from Vindonissa (2011)

Bucher, Angela: Evaluation of the 1992 and 94 excavation campaigns at Sursee (LU): the development of a Roman vicus in the foothills of the Alps in Lucerne (2011)

Mayer, Simone: The Roman cremation burial ground Kaiseraugst-Widhag (excavations 1989.21) (2011)

Lutz, Sabina: "Family" in interpretations of prehistoric and early historic finds and features (2011)

Nerini, Tessa: The medieval deserted site of Meienberg near Sins (AG). Finds and features from the destruction layers (2011).

Pachlatko, Paul: Archaeological and historical sources on the so-called Alpine campaign (2011)

Heitz, Caroline: Evaluation of the 2005-2007 excavations of the Neolithic lakeside settlement of Seedorf-Lobsigesee (BE) (2010).

Kissling, Jonas: The small finds of the Cortaillod period lakeshore settlement Sutz-Lattrigen main station interior (2010)

Bosshart, Julia: Evaluation of the two excavations 1974 / 37 and 1975 / 41 in the area of the Late Latène settlement Basel-Gasfabrik (2008)

Bietenbeck, Kristina: A village "shines" - The metal finds of the medieval deserted village of Sunrike (2008)

Koch, Pirmin: The Roman Building Remains of Gals-Zihlbrücke. The evaluation of the excavation 2002 (2008)

Winet, Ines Salome: The Outbuilding of the Roman Manor at Wetzikon-Kemplen (ZH)- Evaluation of the Excavations 2005/06 (2008)

Flück, Matthias: Windisch village schoolhouse 1986/87: An excavation in the eastern part of the legionary camp at Vindonissa AG (2007)

Straumann, Sven: The northwest corner of insula 50 of Augusta Raurica (2007)

Wullschleger, Mirjam: The outbuilding F of the Roman estate at Langendorf SO (2007)

Ballmer, Ariane: The Neolithic lakeside station Stäfa - Uerikon "Im Länder" (ZH). Finds and features (2006)

Bär, Barbara: The Late Bronze Age to Early Iron Age pottery from Marsens "En Barras" (FR) (2006)

Carlucci, Piero: The castle of Grimmenstein, Canton St. Gallen (2006)

Reinhard, Jochen: The pottery of the Linear Pottery settlement of Göttingen - Grone (Lower Saxony, D) (2005)

Bargetzi, Dagmar: Late Celtic and Roman Finds and Features at Münsterplatz 7 - The Evaluation of the 1985 Excavation (2004)

Engel, Felix: The excavations of Elisabeth Schmid at Kleinkems (Gem. Efringen-Kirchen, D) (2004)

Engeler-Ohnemus, Verena: Debris deposits and decay phenomena between the women's baths (insula 17) and the theater of Augst (2004)

Fischer, Andi: The Roman glass manufactories of Kaiseraugst (2004)

Flück, Hannes: The late Roman cemetery of Windisch-Dammstrasse - The excavations V 97.7 and V98.4 (2004)

Knöpke, Steffen Mathis: Statistical investigations of anthropological and archaeological features of cemeteries of the pre-Roman Iron Age from northern Germany (2003)

Küng, Fabian: Luzern Krongasse 6-10. Evaluation of the 1993 excavations. Three plots at the high medieval bridgehead of the small town of Lucerne (2003)

Lehmann, Stefan: Bilitio/Bellinzona in Late Antiquity and Early Middle Ages (2003)

Nold, Andrea: Dornach-Kohliberg 6. Evaluation of the 1993 excavation. High Medieval post buildings and a Late Medieval stone building (2003)

Widmer, Maya: The excavations in the church of St. Laurenzen in St. Gallen (2003)

Ohnsorg, Petra: Basel Rittergasse 29: an excavation in the imperial vicus (2002)

Schär, Katja: The first grinding tools in Saharan and sub-Saharan Africa (2002)

Asal, Markus: Augst, Insula 36: the 1984 excavation (2001)

Homberger, Valentin: Schleitheim-Juliomagus SH. The excavation Z'underst Wyler-1995. Investigations on the Roman settlement near Schleitheim in the canton of Schaffhausen, Switzerland (2001)

Schwarz, Claudia: The Late Neolithic earthwork Büren-Brenken in East Westphalia (2002)

Ammann, Sandra: Basel - Rittergasse 12/16 (excavations 1969/39 and 1970/36) - a strip house in the Roman vicus (2000)

Reding, Christoph: Castle archaeology in Toggenburg: Neu- and Alt-Toggenburg, Riedberg and Lütisburg (1999)

Thurnheer Abdel-Malak, Christine: The Hallstatt pottery and the fibulae and needles from the settlement at Wolfgantzen (Alsace) (1998)

Matter, Georg: The excavations in Kempraten parcel 702 ("Römerwiese") from summer 1991 - Investigations on the Roman Vicus of Kempraten (1997)

Rey, Toni: The Latène Period cemetery of Stettlen-Deisswil, Canton Bern (1996)

Rodel, Sylvia: The excavation at Murus Gallicus 1976/42-Westschnitt and the Late Latène finds of the excavations from 1990 to 1993 (1996)

Schibler, Thomas: Catholic parish church of Beromünster LU, excavations 1985/86 (1996)

Poux, Matthieu: Les amphores de Bâle-Gasfabrik: analyse spatiale et typologique (1996)

Brunner, Elisabeth: Basel, Andreasplatz 14, (excavation 1981.8). Evaluation of the features and the find material (1995).

Furrer, Jacqueline: Two early Roman pottery kilns from Solothurn, St. Urbangasse 4 (Merkur) (1995).

Haeffelé, Chantal: Cemetery Augusta Raurica, Rheinstrasse, excavation ""CITO AG"" 1982/51 (1995)

Merki, Katharina: Contacts between Southern England and the Continent in the Early Latène Period: Fibulae and Swords (1995)

Rissanen, Hannele: The Celtic glass arm rings from Basel-Gasfabrik (1995)

Bader, Christian: The castle ruins of Wulp near Küsnacht ZH (1994)

Bartels, Katrin: Investigations on early medieval belt buckles of group D made of non-ferrous metal (1994)

Carlevaro, Eva: La necropoli romana di Solduno TI. Scavi del 1995-1996 e 1997 (1994)

Wild, Werner: Castle and Letzi of Mülenen, Reichenbach BE: Evaluation of the excavations 1941, 1990-92 (1994)

von Falkenstein: Verena: Excavation Basel-Münsterhügel, Rittergasse 4, 1976, eastern section (1994)

Hufschmid, Thomas: Investigations on the building history of a Roman town villa in Augusta Rauricorum, younger stone building phase (1993)

Maire, Marc: Investigations on the medieval masonry of castles in the region (1993)

Matteotti, René: The Roman site of Riom, GR, a contribution to trade along the Julier/Septimer Pass in Roman times (1993)

Sütterlin, Hans: Investigations on the architectural development of a Roman town villa in Augusta Rauricorum, older stone construction phase (1993)

Hoek, Florian: Finds and features of a suburban house from Augusta Rauricorum BL. Partial evaluation of the excavations 1975.51 and 1976.51 (1992).

Scheiblechner, Margrit: The late medieval pottery of the Löwenburg (Pleigne, JU) (1992)

Zimmermann, Bern: Medieval projectile points of Switzerland. Typology, chronology, ballistic-mechanical and cultural-historical aspects (1992)

Ackermann, Rahel: Some considerations on the pottery of the "Residence Achéminide" of Tell Abu Qubur, Iraq (1991)

Kamber, Pia: Basel - Augustinergasse 2. finds from a medieval latrine. Evaluation of the 1968 excavations in the courtyard of the Basel Museum of Natural History (1990).

Spichtig, Norbert: Basel-Gas Factory. The excavations of 1931 and 1988 at Fabrikstrasse 5. Finds and features of pit 65 (1990).

Vonderwahl Arnaiz, Irène: The excavations at Rheinsprung 18/1978. Late Celtic finds and features (1990)

Deschler-Erb: Roman militaria of the 1st century from Augst and Kaiseraugst. On the question of the early fort (1989)

Hecht, Yolanda: Investigations on the Celtic-Roman transition period on the Münsterhügel. Rittergasse 4, 1982/6 (areas 3 and 6) (1989)

Motschi, Andreas: The early medieval cemetery of Seewen - Galgenhügel, SO (1989)

Schwarz, Peter-Andrew: Mont Terri - The 1987 excavation campaign (1989)

Beer, Monica: The finds from the excavation Augst-Theater 1986/1987 (1988)

Burkhardt, Andreas: Late Celtic Coins from the Historical Museum Basel - numismatic and metallurgical investigations (1988)

Marti, Reto: The early medieval cemetery of St. Sulpice, VD (1988)

Schmid, Debora: Investigations on the snake pots from Augst and Kaiseraugst (1988)

Deschler-Erb, Sabine: The prehistoric finds of the Holzfluh near Balsthal SO (1987)

Jud, Peter: New finds from the Late Celtic settlement Basel - Gasfabrik (1987)

Koller, Helen: The late Hallstatt period in Freiamt (1987)

Peter, Markus: On the production of subaerate denarii in Augusta Rauricorum (1987)

Windler, Renata: Early Medieval grave finds from Elgg - Eggenbühl, ZU (1987)

Sandoz, Yvonne: Kaiseraugst AG, Auf der Wacht, parcel 231, Pic, excavation 1981 (1987)

Burgener, Christine: Figurally decorated stone reliefs from Augst and Kaiseraugst (1985)

Holstein, Dieter: The Bronze Age finds from the Canton of Basel-Stadt (1985)

Manser, Jürg: Two late Roman bronze reliefs from the area of Colonia Augusta Raurica (1985)

Schwarz, Monika: The early medieval grave finds from Aesch - Steinacker BL (1985)

Gutzwiller, Paul: Bronze Age pottery from the Frohburg near Trimbach SO (1984)

Fünfschilling, Sylvia: The Roman glass from Baden - Aquae Helveticae, from the excavations 1892-1911 (1983)

Gassler, Anna: The Late Bronze Age pottery from the Wittnauer Horn near Frick AG (1981)

Hänggi, René: The podium temple at Schönbühl in Augst (1981)

Maeglin, Thomas: Late Celtic finds from the Augustinergasse in Basel (1981)

Thommen-Fischer, Peter: Bern - Engehalbinsel, excavations near the Heilig-Kreuzkirche in 1967, 1969 and 1971: Finds and small finds (1981)

Lüscher, Geneviève: Hallstatt Period Graves in the Canton of Solothurn (1980)

Matt, Christoph: The large Chastel near Bad Lostorf. A late Roman hill station in the Solothurn Jura (1980)

Rütti, Beat: Roman glass from the Vicus Vitudurum - Oberwinterthur (1980)

Helmig, Guido: The excavations in the Reischacher Hof at the Basler Münsterplatz (1978)

Müller, Felix: Investigations on Early Latène graves in the Basel area (1978)

Steinle, Sabina: The Neolithic and Late Bronze Age finds at the lakeside settlements of Mörigen BE and Nidau Steinberg BE based on the collection of the Museum of Natural History and Ethnology (1977)

Thüry, Günther Emerich: A Late Roman coin find from the west gate of the Kaiseraugst fort (1977)

Furger-Gunti, Andreas: The Late Latène occupation in the area of the Murus Gallicus on the Cathedral Hill in Basel, excavations 1971/72 (1973)