Decision in the 19th Matheton Agon 2023

A total of six works were submitted this year. Since this year the quality of the works, which deal with the most diverse aspects of the Greek language, literature and culture, stood out in a very special way, the selection of the prizes was not easy for the jury. The second prize was divided.

1st prize

Elio Martin, Métamorphoses de genre dans les mythes grecs: Entre norme et transgression
(Gymnase de la Cité, Lausanne, supervisor: Rahmouna Cuche).

1500 CHF

2nd prize

Ex aequo

Eva Strauch, The figure of Achilles. Achilles in the Iliad compared to Achilles in three selected literary works
(Freies Gymnasium Bern, supervisor: Andreas Hänni)


Benoît Buffet, Traduction et commentaire de la dixième Olympique de Pindare
(Lycée-Collège de l'Abbaye, St. Maurice, supervisor: Roland Jaquenoud)

à 500 CHF

The prize winners will also receive, if they decide to study Classics (with a focus on Greek Studies) at the University of Basel, the Basel Study Bonus for Greek, endowed with 100 CHF per month for 12 months, i.e. a total of 1200 CHF each.

We congratulate you very much!

Basel, September 26, 2023

Prof. Dr. Anton Bierl Full Professor for Greek Studies at the University of Basel

together with Prof. Dr. em. Rudolf Wachter Prof. Dr. Katharina Wesselmann