Research Focus

In research, Latin Philology covers a wide area. In addition to the entirety of the texts of Roman antiquity (literature, texts of usage, inscriptions), Latin literature of the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and Humanism are the subject of Latin Philology, as is the reception of Roman literature in modern literatures. Within this broad spectrum, Latin Philology in Basel focuses on several areas:

  • Literature of the Late Republic
  • Literature of the Early Imperial Period
  • Poetry of Late Antiquity
  • Humanism in the Upper Rhine
  • Canonization of Literature
  • History of Science
  • Gender Studies
  • Ancient Reception in Modern Literatures

In this context, Basel Latin Philology benefits from the unique structures at the Basel location and is involved in a variety of collaborations. Within the framework of the research colloquium, results from ongoing qualification work and research projects are regularly presented and discussed.