27 Jan 2020 - 29 Jan 2020
14:00  - 18:00

Kollegienhaus, Regenzzimmer 111, Universität Basel

D-Scribes project

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Neo-Paleography: Analysing Ancient Handwritings in the Digital Age

International Conference

The D-Scribes project is pleased to inform you of its conference Neo-Palaeography: Analysing Ancient Handwritings in the Digital Age, that will take place from the 27th to the 29th of January 2020 at Basel University.

The goal of the conference is to gather Greek and Coptic papyrologists involved in palaeographic research (identification of hands, dating on palaeographical grounds, characterization of styles and scripts) together with Computer Scientists specialized in Historical Documents and Handwriting Analysis.

Papyrologists are invited to present case-studies built on palaeographical criteria.

Computer Scientists will present their work on Writer Identification and Script Classification.

The proceedings of the conference will be published open access. Accommodation and travel are covered.

The conference is supported by the Swiss National Science Fondation, Basel University, l’Association Suisse pour l'Etude de l'Antiquité (SVAW/ASEA), la Société suisse pour l’étude du Proche-Orient ancien (SGOA/SSPOA).

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