The Latinum at the University of Basel

Knowledge of ancient languages is indispensable for the study of the ancient world, philosophy and historical disciplines. In Ancient Civilizations, original sources, functional texts, and literary texts cannot be handled without a good knowledge of Latin and Greek. Thus, a sound command of ancient languages (the most important linguistic phenomena, basic vocabulary, and training in the translation of texts) is an important foundation for academic studies.

For Ancient Civilizations as a whole, as well as for subjects with a historical dimension in literature studies and linguistics, philosophy, art history, history and musicology (Middle Ages, Renaissance, early modern period as well as history of science up to the 19th century), knowledge of the Latin language forms part of the international standard for a scientific education.

Students of the humanities and cultural sciences who intend to continue their studies abroad ('outgoing') and who can demonstrate knowledge of Latin, in many places experience a 'competitive advantage' by already being familiar with Latin when applying for a place at university.

According to the 2011 student regulations of the University of Basel, language skills are largely placed in the students' so-called 'self-responsibility'. Rather than indicating a abstention from i.a. competence in the Latin language, this distinction places the acquisition of Latin in the 'self-competence' of the students.

The University of Basel offers two Latin courses:

  • Latin Annual Course: Aimed at students who wish to learn Latin 'in measured amounts' over two semesters until they complete their BA or MA.

  • Latin Summer School: For fast-track students who wish to learn Latin for the BA, the MA, or even to conduct specific research, we offer the Latin Summer School, which provides a solid foundation in Latin over 10 weeks of intensive study in a small group setting.

Both courses are validated with 12 credits (= 12 ECTS).

Latin Representative of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences