07 Nov 2023 - 08 Nov 2023

Bildungszentrum 21/Hotel Odelya, Missionsstrasse 21, 4055 Basel

Dr. Matthias Müller (Fachbereich Ägyptologie) & Niccolò Savaresi, MA (Fachbereich Klassische Archäologie)


Borders? Borders! - The Workshop

Introductory workshop in preparation of the Graduiertentagung on Borderscapes

Plakat der Graduiertentagung

The online workshop is intended as an open arena for discussion among students and young researchers interested in "Borders" in Antiquity. Throughout two afternoons (7th and 8th of November) participants will be invited to critically approach texts from a common bibliography and bring forward their own personal experiences from studies and/or research. The key speaker will moderate the discussion with initial inputs, mostly from a theoretical point of view. Thanks to the strong interdisciplinary vocation of the workshop, people with all kinds of background in historical sciences are welcomed to join. Registration in advance is required for the link to the workshop and for the bibliography (write at niccolo.savaresi@clutterunibas.ch).

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