14 Sep 2022 - 16 Sep 2022
14:00  - 12:20

University of Basel, Vesalianum, Vesalgasse 1, 4051 Basel

Organised by Prof. Dr. Sandrine Vuilleumier with Lauren Dogaer and Cyprian H.W. Fong

Kongress / Tagung / Symposium

From One Shore to the Other. New Perspectives on Funerary and Religious Practices in Ptomelaic and Roman Thebes

This event is part of the PRIMA research project Beyond the Text. New Funerary Compositions in the Graeco-Roman Period: Textualities and Archaeology in Thebes and is sponsored by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF).

The Ptolemaic period (332 - 30 BC) saw the emergence of new funerary compositions with diversified contents and formats that would gradually supplant the famous Book of the Dead, particularly in the Theban area.

The goal of this international conference is to connect textual, religious, socio-economical and historical backgrounds. The conference will bring together egyptologists, papyrologists and archaeologists, involved in research related to the Theban area during the Ptolemaic and Roman periods, to discuss funerary, documentary and archaeological sources and examine the socio-cultural factors and the influence of local cults, that could have contributed to the evolution of late funerary literature.

Email for registration: conference2022@clutterbeyondthetext.ch

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