06 Apr 2021
18:15  - 20:00

online via Zoom

Fachbereich Alte Geschichte, Sabine Huebner

Veranstaltungen, Öffentliche Veranstaltung, Gastvorlesung / Vortrag, Kolloquium / Seminar / SHi

Female agency in late antique Egypt

Vortrag von Anne-Emmanuelle Veïsse (Paris) im Rahmen des Kolloquiums «Zur neueren Forschung in der Alten Geschichte» im FS 2021

Over the last thirty years gender studies have profoundly renewed reflection on the place of women in ancient societies, but they have so far had only a limited resonance as far as Egypt is concerned. The gender approach is mainly concerned with two areas of research: the analysis of ancient discourses on gender difference, and the comparative study of the social roles of men and women. It is to this second aspect that this contribution will be devoted, by comparing men and women petitioning in Ptolemaic Egypt.

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