Late Antique Papyrus Archives and Papyrus Archives dating from the 6th to the 8th centuries CE

During the 3 years of “Change and Continuities”, the team also collaborated with the ongoing Project “Trismegistos Archive” hosted by the University of Leuven( The reconstruction of an ancient archive is a laborious process, since documents that belong to a single archive are often spread in different collections or publications and, furthermore, new documents are continuously identified and published. The aim of the “Trismegistos Archive” Project is to build a Database, which provides the researchers with a detailed summary of each ancient archive from the eight century BC until the eight century AD. The summaries provide all the archaeological, papyrological and bibliographic information in a PDF sheet that can be downloaded by the users and profitably used for research purposes. The database has become an essential tool for papyrologists and historians. However, its assembly is gradual and slow, due to the amount of research needed for the composition of each summary. For this reason, our team decided to contribute to its development, with a focus on the archives spanning from the sixth to the eight centuries AD. One or more summaries have been drafted by each member of the team and went through a first revision by the team-leader, before being presented to the whole team during meetings ad hoc, in order to be discussed and improved further. Therefore, the sub-project resulted in the successful involvement and collaboration of both senior (PhDs, PostDocs and Project Leader) and junior (Students) members of the team, with a total of 19 PDFs produced. While working on the summaries, some members of the team have also gained new insight into the archives, which will resulted in the publication of separate articles. On the whole, the participation to the “Trismegistos Archive” Project promoted the internal collaboration and interaction of the team and strengthened academic ties with the University of Leuven, while contributing to the growth of a research tool and enhancing the personal knowledge of team members. 

Papyrus Archives dating from the 6th to the 8th centuries CE

Causo, S. TM 11 Flavia Anastasia.

Causo, S. TM 36 Aurelius Pachymios purple dealer.

Garosi, E. TM 27 Atias.

Garosi, E. TM 425 Yahya son of Hilal.

Giacometti, D. TM 309 Demetrios.

Giacometti, D. TM 366 Paulos.

Giacometti, D. TM 78 Elias.

Huebner, S. R. TM 605 Victor oinoprates.

Kacl, E. TM 380 Magical workshop.

Landau, V. TM 190 Philemon and Thekla.

Marthot-Santaniello, I. TM 468 Silvanos.

Müller, M. TM 507 Etmoulon.

Rakazovic, D. TM 174 Patermouthios siderourgos.

Rakazovic, D. TM 476 Theodosios notary.

Schmidt, S. TM 504 Blemmyes.

Setz, F. TM 110 Iohannes comes.

Tateo, S. TM 571 Andreas village scribe.

Wannaz, A. TM 76 Elaiourgoi of Aphrodito.