07 Dez 2023 - 08 Dez 2023
09:00  - 16:30


Claire Clivaz und Prof. Dr. Isabelle Marthot-Santaniello

Kongress / Tagung / Symposium

Online-Konferenz im Rahmen des SNF-Projekts Egrapsa

Die Online-Konferenz wird am 7. und 8. Dezember 2023 von Claire Clivaz (DH+, SIB, CH & RSCS, UCLouvain, BE) und Prof. Dr. Isabelle Marthot-Santaniello zum Thema “Perceptions of Writing in Papyri: Crossing Close and Distant Readings ” organisiert.

This online conference will analyze how digital culture has changed the perceptions of writing styles in papyri. Studies conducted by modern scholars have always been the main way of evaluating papyri, determining their dates and content. From the beginning of the century, the clearly subjective nature of this research has been highlighted by scholars such as Kim Haines-Eitzen in Guardians of Letters (2000) and Brent Nongbri in God’s Library (2018).

We will evaluate the current ways scholars view the aesthetics of papyri in a world where close and distant readings are intersecting more every day. A large part of ancient scholarship successfully used the traditional close read, whereas today, a small group of newer scholars have integrated computer analysis into their research. The following questions will be addressed: To what extent is computer analysis of quantitative data bringing objectivity into the study of writing styles in papyri? What are the potential limits or biases of computer analysis?

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