Part of the education in Classical Archaeology is to get to know artifacts both in situ, i.e. in the excavation sites, and in museums. Therefore, every year a field trip is offered to a region important for Classical Archaeology or to important museums that keep significant collections. On site, students can then familiarize themselves with the objects and the exhibition concepts.


Participation in excavation in Italy

As part of their studies, students from Basel are able to participate in one of the excavation campaigns in Calabria and thus earn credits for the corresponding Bachelor's and Master's modules.

The excavation campaign of the Francavilla project takes place every June and lasts 5 weeks.

Only a limited number of students can participate at any given time. It is therefore recommended to contact the lecturers well in advance. It is possible to participate in excavations as part of your studies. Further information can be found in the course catalog.

Francavilla excavation

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Basel excavations in the Macchiabate necropolis near Francavilla Marittima