Sinuhe Bibliography

Barbara Lüscher
with the collaboration of Günther Lapp

The Sinuhe bibliography presented here goes back to a private endeavor of Günther Lapp, who had already begun in the 1970s to bifurcate the relevant reviews of Sinuhe passages. I joined him in 1982 and have continued the work alone since the early 1990s. With the advent of computers, the first priority was to convert the old card index into digital form. But also the continuous sifting of the enormous amount of new literature was and is very time-consuming, especially since the Narrative of Sinuhe is one of the most discussed literary works in Egyptology (and one of the most read texts in university classes). The corresponding secondary literature is meanwhile hardly manageable by a single person. It seems to me all the more important to provide the professional colleague with this "tool", as provisional as it may still be in its present state.

For the year 2002 I received financial support from the Voluntary Academic Society of Basel (FAG), for which my thanks go to the then head Dr. Christoph J.C. Albrecht as well as to Dr. Hanna Jenni and the head of the Egyptological Seminar Prof. Dr. Antonio Loprieno. Further thanks go to Orell Witthuhn M.A., who provided me with the bibliography compiled as part of a student Sinuhe project at the University of Marburg for inclusion. For a transcription of the text as well as indexes of the names of gods, persons, places, and countries, I explicitly refer to the website of the Marburg Sinuhe project(

Originally, I planned to publish this critical bibliography in book form. However, since the secondary literature is continuously growing - and this is inversely proportional to my private working capacity - it seems to make more sense to me at the present time to make the already existing material available to interested colleagues at the present state and in a provisional version, since the checking of all references as well as the incorporation of further additions alone would probably delay the publication of a final version by years.

For this reason, we expressly ask for your indulgence in the case of typing errors and misquotations as well as literature that has not yet been incorporated!

Note to users:

The bibliography is available to all for private use. Any other use, publication of parts of the bibliography, integration into own websites or distribution for other purposes is prohibited or only possible after consultation with the author. Appropriate inquiries are to be addressed to