Tools & Links

A number of online tools have emerged from Basel research and are available to all students and researchers of Egyptology. We also maintain close links to various institutions and have compiled many links to subject-specific information sources and other tools.


The Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead. A Digital TextualWitnessArchive
Beinlich Wordlist
Chicago Demotic Dictionary
Deir el-Medine database
Deir el Medine online
Ramses Online (An annotated Corpus of Late Egyptian)
Resources for ancient egyptian texts
Thesaurus Linguae Aegyptiae
Documents of the 18th Dynasty
Dictionary of the Egyptian Language (ed. by Erman/Grapow), vols. I-VI

Amarna Project
Centre Franco-Égyptien d'Études des Temples de Karnak (CFEETK)
The Giza Archives
Theban Mapping Project

Hieratic Paleography (G. Möller), Vol. I-IV

Libraries of Switzerland: Informationsverbund Deutschschweiz (IDS) / Basel
Libraries of Switzerland: Informationsverbund Deutschschweiz (IDS) / Zurich
Libraries of Switzerland: Réseau des bibliothèques romandes (RERO)
Online catalog of the UB / Swissbib

Aegyptus. Rivista italiana di egittologia e papirologia
Egypt and Levant. International Journal of Egyptian Archaeology andits Neighboring Fields, numbers 12-15:
Bibliotheca Orientalis
E-Journals and Digitized Paper Periodicals (Egyptology)
Bulletin de l'Institut français d'archéologie orientale - en ligne
Journal of Near Eastern Studies
Revue d'égyptologie
Not continuous, some content only, some whole articles:

Description de l'Éypte

Email addresses of Egyptologists
Information sheet of the German speaking Egyptology
International Directory of Egyptology (IDE)

Universität Freiburg - Ägyptologie / Université de Fribourg - Égyptologie
University of Zurich - Egyptology
Université de Genève - Égyptology

Egyptological Research Centre for Cultural Studies
ArchaeologicalResearchCentre in Egypt (ARCE)
ArchaeologicalResearch Centre in Egypt (ARCE)
German Archaeological Institute (DAI)
Egypt Exploration Society (EES)
Griffith Institute
International Society of Egyptologists (IAE)
Institut français d'archéologie orientale du Caire(IFAO)
Institut Khéopsxml-ph-0016@d

Ancient Egyptian Architecture Online (AEGARON)
Egyptologists' Electronic Forum (EEF News)
Egyptology Resources
Electronic Tools and Ancient Near East Archives (ETANA)
Fachportal Altertumswissenschaften
New open access database of Old Kingdom elite tomb scene (MastaBase)
Resources for Egyptologists
Tombs and Mastabas of Ancient Egypt (Osirisnet)

Here you will find a list of museums and collections that we have compiled for you.

Basel Museum of Antiquities and Ludwig Collection
Archaeological Collection Zurich
Bible and Orient Museum Fribourg
Fondation Martin Bodmer
Musée d'art et d'histoire Genève

Basel Forum for Egyptology
Société d'Égyptologie Genève
Zurich Egyptology Forum