Vindonissa: Research Fields and Individual Projects (as of December 2013)

Necropolises Vindonissa

  • Windisch-Vision-Mitte (licentiate thesis Jakob Baerlocher; published [PDF (8.5 MB)])
  • The Roman necropolis of Brugg-Remigersteig and the burial grounds of Vindonissa (ongoing habilitation Ana Maspoli)
  • Windisch-Oberburg: Archaeology (dissertation NN)
  • Windisch-Oberburg: Anthropology (Dissertation NN)
  • Windisch-Tschanz (master thesis Michael Baumann)
  • Windisch-Sonnenweg and Windisch Spillmannwiese (Master thesis Lara Kurmann)

Civilian settlements Vindonissa

Castrum Vindonissense

  • Construction history of the baths on the Windisch spur (Riccardo Bellettatti & Peter-A. Schwarz, published [PDF (21.1 MB)])

Surrounding area of Vindonissa